This scoops for you!

Jacob Busch

Jacob Busch knows a thing or two about food, health, and business. He has deep knowledge in quality of ingredients and the end product. You could say, he was born with the knowledge. His family started the iconic beer brand Anheuser Busch in the late 1800s.

With a passion and understanding for consumer products that shape American culture, Jacob founded Sons Beer in Napa Valley with Carlos Mondavi and Elliott Taylor. However, a few years ago Jacob developed an autoimmune disorder and a personal health quest began. He searched for foods and desserts that were healthy and his body could handle, without sacrificing taste.

That’s when he discovered an Organic Non Dairy Ice Cream. He made it a nightly routine of going out & eating 4 to 5 scoops of ice cream at a time loaded with superfood toppings. He fell in love with the ice cream, the honest transparency of the taste, and the simple ingredients. Jacob had to share it with the world!

Jacob took inspiration from a black and white photo of an Anheuser Busch Ice Cream Truck that sold ice cream in the days of prohibition, 5 cents for a scoop & 10 cents for a brick. The side of the truck said under the A & B were the words Always Best. Jacob will not settle for anything less. In his own words ” I just want people to see the best in themselves.” So now, he presents Always Best Ice Cream- an ice cream that is great for you, taste great, and can spread around the world.